Transform complex data into actionable information

Fully Managed

Rapid time to results, monitoring, back-ups, security, and issue resolution.

Cloud Hosted

No Hardware.

Accessible from anywhere.


Focus on answering business questions, not building and managing infrastructure.


Imagine a solution that eliminates your need to build and maintain data management infrastructure. Xplor! is Charter Solutions’ fully-managed, cloud-hosted, end-to-end platform for data management and visualization. This service is an analytics solution that takes your data, maps it into an analysis-ready structure, and gives end-users at your organization, access to visual dashboards and organized data — with coaching every step of the way.

Data Upload

Xplor! can be set up to ingest structured, unstructured, and real- time streaming data on a regular basis. This can range from traditional string and numeric data to pictures, sound files, and more. We will work with you to determine and implement the best way to deliver your data to Xplor!.


The processing function of the platform prepares data for structured effective and streamlined analysis. Data advanced customers can take advantage of machine learning as well as text, imaging, and audio analysis tools we have available.


Processed data is stored for further query and analysis. We ensure that all your data is encrypted and isolated as well as backed up to keep your information safe. We have designed our system to handle data sizes from Gigabytes to Petabytes. If you have very large data, we’d be happy to discuss our big data optimized pricing.


We have partnered with Tableau to deliver a rich and powerful data analysis and visualization experience. Our visualization capabilities allow you to rapidly develop dashboards or reports and deliver them quickly to your users. Once your visualization is deployed to our environment, it will be updated each time we receive new data. The new data will immediately be available to your users.

Xplor! OnCall

Often the gap between what you have and what you need for the insights is only a few pieces of data. The ability to make small changes to the data quickly is critical for an agile and responsive organization. Xplor! OnCall is a support service for clients that provides quick access to expert support and assistance on an as-needed basis.

Xplor! OnCall provides on-going implementation support services to ensure your success with the platform. This service agreement provides you with a fixed set of hours each month that you can use to make data changes, assist with dashboard or report development, and coaching of your staff.

Xplor! Quickstart

Xplor! QuickStart is designed to quickly get you operational on the platform and delivering value to your users. During the Xplor! QuickStart we will work with you to identify an initial set of metrics and required data for implementation. We will then work with you to build and deploy the metrics to your users. Xplor! QuickStart comes in three cost structures which is tailored to the complexity of the metrics you want to build and the state of your data.

Consulting Services

We help you make calm out of the chaos. By leading you through a systematic approach that integrates technology with your organization’s overall direction, we don’t just tell you what to change, but actually show you how. Even when faced with the most complex problems, we craft straightforward solutions your team can get behind.

Whether you need an entire consulting team for one project, an expert resource to complement your team or a permanent resource for an employee position—we’ve got the talent you need.

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